Welcome to the 2021 Pool Season!

Members - Welcome to 2021 Strathmore Pool Club Season!

The Board and I look forward to a pool season that is less impacted by COVID. The 2021 pool season begins on Thursday, April 15th. As we (Santa Clara County) are in COVID Red Tier, the pool and restrooms/showers will be open to all without reduced restrictions. Mask wearing is still mandatory. Please continue reading.

Annual Dues: $400 payable to “Strathmore Swim Club”. Please do not disturb the treasurer’s family at 124 Briarwood Way when paying dues. Just drop checks in the mailbox or use US Mail.

Late Fees:
$25 if dues are not paid by 5/31/21. An additional $75 if dues are not paid by 12/31/21.
$25 for replacement of lost keys.

FY 2020/21 Financial Report: To be posted on the Strathmore Pool Club website http://strathmorepoolclub.com/

Pool Rules: Always posted on the pool bulletin board and at http://strathmorepoolclub.com/ Please take the time to review the pool rules. Rules are set for our unique community pool, to ensure health & safety, privacy, and family friendly enjoyment for Members.

Pool Updates: Please bookmark and refer back to the website: http://strathmorepoolclub.com/ This is the easiest way for us to update the Members, including if anything changes with COVID tiers and rules related to remaining open for the entire season. We will also be posting updates to our Google Group: https://groups.google.com/g/strathmore-pool-members

Parties: It is the Boards decision that Reservations for Pool Parties (i.e. reserving the patio area) will not be accepted for the 2021 Season. There is still a concern for covid “super spreader events”, therefore this is a proper response. The Pool Boards #1 concern is COVID awareness and safety.

COVID Precautions: Santa Clara County is in the COVID Red Tier. Vaccines are yet to be distributed fully. We will require a minimum of six feet of distancing between families across the pool grounds. Likewise, masks are required when Members are not swimming. We would ask the members to please “self-enforce” to ensure we can remain open.

The Pool Board is efficiently managing the cash flow of our Not-For-Profit Pool. Prior to the 2020 Season the outdoor showers were updated. This Winter/Spring of 2021 the pool heater/pump house electrical was repaired and brought up to code. When the 2021 Season concludes on October 15th, We’ll execute on updating the restrooms (interiors and ADA modifications). As well as repairing the tile covering surrounding the pool. The Pool Board remains frugal with Member’s dues. We make every effort to anticipate and prepare for maintenance expenditures. Repair materials used are intended for longevity and we seek out the best contractor pricing. At all times we strive to maintain a safe, family friendly pool experience for all members. We look forward to seeing you at the Pool. Stay safe and please wear a mask.

Together We Are Neighbors,

Mark Muser
President, Strathmore Pool Club